The five best champions in the position of Carry in the League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Attack Damage Carry (ADC) is the second champion to also play on Dragon Lane and is tasked with inflicting the biggest damage to opponents during the game while support keeps him in action and saves him from bad team fights. We previously wrote about the best supports you can play on Dragon Lane, and today we will go through the list of the five most fatal ADCs.

Champions in this position are often called Marksman and are often the most dangerous in the later stages of a Wild Rift match. Why? Well, because they can inflict huge damage in just a few seconds, which is often called DPS (damage per second), so this champion class has the highest DPS in Wild Rift compared to other categories.

When choosing this role, it is important to use the advantages that come with it, and that is a big demise in the late period of the match, be aggressive because you have the greatest potential to win a game for your team, watch your teammates follow your position and way of playing. 

Along with the big damage comes the flaws of this type of champion because you are very vulnerable in the final phase of the match and often the opposing team will concentrate specifically to kill you. To help you take the first steps in this role, we have gathered a few champions that we suggest you get.


Jinx League of Legends: Wild Rift

Jinx is a champion who is also called a hyper-carry. Although she is quite vulnerable in the early stages of the match and can have limited influence on the game, she becomes a complete monster in the late stages. You can increase the distance of your first ability if you collect the Rapid Firecannon item with it. She is a fast-moving champion but cannot flash, so you must use and position her third flame Chompers well to stop an opponent, and her ultimate Mega Death Rocket can hit opponents from a great distance when running with a little health.

Summoner magic: Flash / Heal or Flash / Barrier

Rune: Fleet Footwork - Brutal - Regeneration - Manaflow Band


Ezreal League of Legends: Wild Rift
Ezreal has weakened the first magic of Mystic Shot in the last patch but is still one of the most useful champions in this position. He is probably the only Marksman who bases his damage on spells and can very quickly bring opponents to zero health. The ability that makes him one of the best champions in the game is Arcane Shift with which you can blink over walls, opponent magic or position yourself better in fights. His ultimate Trueshot Barrage hits enemies all over the map and inflicts damage on everyone he passes through.

Summoner of Magic: Flash / Heal

Rune: Conqueror - Gathering Storm - Regeneration - Manaflow Band


Jhin League of Legends: Wild Rift

This is certainly one of the toughest champions to play in the Wild Rift, primarily because of its passive ability that allows you to hit only four times, after which Jhin will have to reload his weapon. His third magic, Captive Audience, can set traps on the map that detonate when opponents and minions cross it. These traps are useful because they give a better overview of the map to you and your teammates. Another reason why Jhin is complicated is his ultimate Curtain Call which is a little harder to control so be sure to practice using this magic as it can be very useful to you in a match.

Summoner magic:
Flash / Heal or Flash / Barrier

Fleet Footwork - Brutal - Regeneration - Manaflow Band


Miss Fortune League of Legends: Wild Rift

One of the easiest carry to play but by no means the weakest. Miss Fortune is one of the best carry for beginners as she can slash the opposing team even though she lags with gold and items. It has very great damage since the beginning of the game, and with its Double Up magic, you can be very cruel to your opponents on the lane if you use it properly. Bullet Time is the most powerful ability in her arsenal. If you time it well, it can independently reverse the course of the fight in favor of your team. Don't forget to change the targets you hit to take advantage of her passive Love Tap magic.

Summoner of Magic: Flash / Heal

Rune: Fleet Footwork - Brutal - Regeneration - Manaflow Band


Kai'sa League of Legends: Wild Rift

Due to his specific abilities, Kai’Sa is one of the more complex marksmen in the game. Her abilities can be upgraded one by one to get even stronger stats on purchased items. She may become invisible for a while if you upgrade her third Supercharge magic. This skill can help you when you are trying to escape from a dangerous situation. The best ability is the ultimate Killer Instinct with which you can happen to an enemy champion marked by its Plasma effect, which you can inflict with Void Seeker magic.

Summoner magic: Flash / Heal or Flash / Barrier

Rune: Fleet Footwork - Brutal - Spirit Walker - Manaflow Band

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