Groundhog Day shooter Deathloop has a new cool trailer

Deathloop Game

Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Lyon have released a new great trailer for the upcoming FPS Deathloop.

Aptly titled "Deja Vu", along with the original song of the same name prepared by Sencit and FJØRA, the new trailer once again reveals what one (and the same) day looks like in the life of the main protagonist Colt, who tries to Hellenize his target, Frank. Spicer and his team, before the other protagonist Julianna comes to his head and resets the day with Colt's death.

In case you forgot, we remind you once again that this is a game whose two main protagonists, the killer of the rival, are stuck on the mysterious island of Blackreef, which is also stuck in a certain time loop, forcing Colt and Julianna to constantly experience the same day. Colt wants to break the whole time loop, while Julianna tries her best to stop him. Take a look at what their everyday life looks like below.

Deathloop on PlayStation 5 and PC arrive on May 21st.

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