343 Industries displays enhanced graphics in the Halo Infinite game

Halo Infinite game

Studio 343 Industries released a new Halo Infinite game status update this week. This time, the studio is showing improvements in the field of graphics in the title, which was the main focus after collecting feedback on gameplay last year.

The latest Inside Infinite shows that the team is working on tweaking the visual identity of the game and the results are quite impressive. The latest screenshots show how the game currently looks on the PC platform.

Halo Infinite game S1

The screenshots are from the same area where the material for the previously published gameplay demo was recorded. Elements that have been improved include lighting, environment details, character models, and more. One of the significant flaws from last year's demo was the lack of ray-tracing lighting effects.

Halo Infinite game S2

However, postponing the game for 2021 means that the team will be able to implement new graphics features before the title is released. More new screenshots from the game are available here.

Source: Hallowaypoint

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