Will Horizon Forbidden West also be postponed to next year?

Horizon Forbidden West Game

Just a few days ago, Sony officially postponed Gran Turismo 7 for next year, but since the new State of Play has not brought any new information about Horizon Forbidden West, many are inclined to think that this action-adventure of the Dutch Guerrilla Games will skip this year, despite claims from Sony that they are convinced this will not happen.

Among those who believe that Horizon Forbidden West will be postponed to 2022 are Russian YouTubers and famous leaker Anton Logvinov. In response to a tweet from a certain Vadin Elistratov about games that will not be released this year, he also mentioned the mentioned PlayStation exclusive.


Recall, this is a fairly credible leaker, who, among other things, was the first to discover that PlayStation exclusives such as Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn are coming to the PC. His claim about the potential delay of Horizon Forbidden West certainly makes sense, so we won't be overly surprised if it is.

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