Burning Crusade arrives in WoW: Classic

Burning Crusade arrives in WoW: Classic

While World of Warcraft: Classic doesn’t mention something overly much, Blizzard continues with its maintenance plan.

During BlizzCon 2021, the famous add-on was presented, which will be added during this year in several phases. It’s the Burning Crusade expansion that emerged in early 2007 and will take Classic players to Outland to stand in the way of the Burning Legion.

All the elements from the original expansion will be available here as well, which means that all the novelties that Burning Crusade once brought to WoW are now coming to Classic as well. There are Arena PvP, flying mounts, new professions, Blood Elf for the Horde, and much more.

The exact date of arrival of Burning Crusade has not been disclosed, but it will be free for anyone who has an active World of Warcraft subscription, as well as WoW Classic itself

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