Diablo 4 brings a class that has not been present in the series since the first game

This year's digital BlizzCon has brought a lot of nice announcements for Blizzard game fans, especially those waiting for new titles, like Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4.

As for the latest title in the cult Diablo franchise, Blizzard has unveiled a new character class that will be available to play. It is a Rogue class, probably recognized by those who played the original Diablo title. She reappears in the series, 24 years later.

Rogue will have the features of long-distance combat, but the style of play can be further adapted with rich options and weapons, from which swords, bow, and arrow, crossbow, and daggers are available. This class will have 3 specializations, one that allows you to switch to Shadow Realm, then a Combo Points system like the one from WoW, and Exploit Weakness specializations that will signal which attacks to use over enemies for a massive damage bonus.

According to the revealed details, the Rogue class will be much more flexible compared to the one from the first Diablo. We expect Blizzard to bring more details for Diablo 4, but it’s unlikely that the release date in 2021 will be provided.

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