Dragon Age 4 will be the only single player game

Dragon Age 4 single player

Dragon Age 4, or as it will be called, has been in development for a long time within the Bioware studio, during which there were various versions, some of which were canceled.

One of the versions of the new Dragon Age 4 was canceled due to the complete single-player nature, which was estimated not to be a profitable studio, and then work began on a new version that would have multiplayer.

However, new rumors indicate that there has been a reversal of the situation in the studio in which the multiplayer component for Dragon Age 4 has been abandoned. for multiple players.

The decision to do something like this comes most likely thanks to the success of recent EA games, such as Jedi: Fallen Order, which sold above expectations. Also, it is possible that Electronic Arts demanded that the multiplayer from Dragon Age 4 be removed due to the failure of the game Anthem, which was recently officially abandoned, and the publisher will count the losses.

It is not known when the new Dragon Age 4 will be released, but it is expected to be sometime during 2022.

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