System Shock Remake is coming out this summer, and a free demo is now available

System Shock Remake Demo

The long-awaited System Shock remake finally got its planned release date, and the Nightdive studio also presented a special free demo in which players can try a piece of the game.

We can expect System Shock during the summer period this year, and the additional belief that the release date is near coming in the form of launching a pre-order option on Steam, Epic Games, and GOG digital platforms. System Shock will cost € 38, and as a gift pre-orders will receive System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition free of charge when it appears.

As for the demo version, it is extremely short, as it offers only a part at the beginning of the game, where players, as an unknown agent, discover the station in the chaos caused by robots and independent artificial intelligence. The demo best shows the improvements that System Shock has received, especially the one in the visual sense with HD textures, an improved audio component, and other things. System Shock will also have new regions, traps, puzzles, and a generally refreshed Citadel station.

The developer has revealed that the demo for the consoles will arrive at a later date.

System Shock Remake has gone through a rather thorny path of development over the years, it was originally supposed to be an ordinary remaster of a cult classic. Then the ambition of the game was expanded when the problems began, due to which the development stopped completely during one period.
Now it can be seen that System Shock is on the right track and we are eagerly awaiting summer.

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