Leaked gameplay for Rainbow Six Parasite

The new Rainbow Six Siege title will not appear soon, but that's why Ubisoft is working on a spin-off game that will deal with the topic of fighting strange organisms

Rainbow Six Quarantine, now Parasite, was introduced a long time ago, but despite the news of the delay, Ubisoft spoke very poorly about what the game has to offer. Thanks to a leaked video on Reddit, it is now possible to see a piece of gameplay that brings confirmation of what we expected.

In the video, it is possible to see several operators that are also available in Siege - Vigil, Tachanka, and Lyon. The gameplay takes place on a map called Workshop in a 15-minute mode in which there is a team of three players. There was no concrete depiction of the enemy, but you can see some kind of alien egg exploding after the player shoots at it.

The news of the renaming from Quarantina to Parasite has not been made official yet, but it is good to know this once time-limited mode for the R6 Siege, is progressing fine as a standalone game.

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