EA is working on a patent that will abolish the wait for the installation of games

EA Battlefield V

The process from buying to playing a title can be quite painful and time-consuming, especially if you have slow internet and outdated data storage drive.

Even if you own a new generation SSD, you will have to go through the installation process again, and Electronic Arts want to end this lengthy process so that players can spend more time in gaming.

This company is working on a patent, ie a technology that will enable a title to be played during the game download process, which would be active in the background. During the download, the game would simply stream to the computer screen, and then a noticeable transition would be made from streaming to installing the game on a PC.

This type of client would help impatient players to start playing almost immediately after purchase, but there may be potential problems, as a strong internet speed for optimal quality will be needed to stream the game.

Although many publishers have access to dividing files into low-quality ones to ensure earlier entry into the game, Electronic Arts' patent is likely to gain in popularity, especially with the growth of required disk space, which is often over 100GB.

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