The new trailer for the PS5 exclusive Returnal shows the ever-changing terrain of the planet Atropos

Returnal PS5 exclusive

Unlike earlier introductions of new details for Returnal, which took place through developer Housemarque’s podcast, we’ve now got a full trailer showing the planet where the action itself takes place.

Atropos is the name of the planet and its main characteristic is the constant change of terrain, which is related to the very core of the game, which is the procedural generation. This means that each attempt to cross will be different from the previous one, but the players will learn lessons from that suffering.

The protagonist Selena appears in the trailer and talks about various aspects of the planet, and throughout the gameplay, a deeper connection with extraterrestrial technology will be revealed, which will also serve as an upgrade.

The return was supposed to appear during March, but it was postponed until April 30.

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