EVGA introduces the SuperNova 1300 M1 Mining power supply

EVGA SuperNova 1300 M1 Mining power supply

EVGA wants to take full advantage of the situation with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, and the company has introduced a new power supply, full name SuperNova 1300 M1 Mining Power Supply.

The power supply offers users six VGA connectors, each of which has a PCIe 6-pin and a PCIe 6 + 2 pin connector. The SuperNova 1300 M1 Mining power supply has been spotted on the Newegg site, priced at $ 315.

The PSU provides power up to 1300 watts, with 80+ Gold efficiency levels. It is designed to power a large number of graphics cards and supports up to six GPUs that use the 8 + 6-pin PCIe configuration.

With this power supply, EVGA officially supports cryptocurrency miners, creating the Mining PSU brand just for these purposes. The power supply comes with a relatively small number of CPU, SATA, and Molex connectors.

Source: Overclock3d

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