Nvidia plans to return the GTX 1050 series to alleviate market shortages?

Nvidia GTX 1050 series

According to YouTube Tech YES City, Nvidia has begun supplying its GTX 10 hardware partners with a series of graphics cards, to alleviate the shortage in the budget segment of the GPU market.

Nvidia cannot provide enough video cards from the RTX 30 series to meet demand, and cryptocurrency miners have led to a significant increase in the price of modern graphics cards. This applies to both the RTX 20 and RTX 30 series, as well as AMD RDNA and RDNA 2 GPUs.

Because it uses GDDR5 memory and has 4GB less RAM, Nvidia’s GTX 1050 series is easier to manufacture, but also unsuitable for cryptocurrency mining.

Until the cryptocurrency market calms down, premium graphics cards are unlikely to be available to the public at recommended retail prices (if they can be found at all before cryptocurrency miners grab them).

Source: Overclock3d

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