Official disassembly shows easy servicing of Xiaomi Mi 11 phones (video)

Xiaomi Mi 11 disassembly

Xiaomi has released the official video of the disassembly of its latest premium phone - Xiaomi Mi 11. The video points out the main specifications and gives us a detailed insight into the construction of the phone.

Of course, the video was edited to make everything look easy and fluid. However, it still seems that the battery can be easily replaced. There is not a huge amount of glue that keeps the battery attached to the phone and makes it difficult to replace. Even though the display is additionally curved, the video shows that this part can be easily replaced.

All of the above further increases the value for money and allows for an increased ability to repair/service Xiaomi Mi 11 phones.

We also had a chance to see the JerryRigEverything phone’s endurance test, which further confirmed that the Mi 11 is quite resilient.

Source: GSMArena

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