Five features we expect with Android 12

Users are looking forward to the first Android 12 preview release, which could appear next month. Although we haven't seen the new software yet, a lot of leaked details have emerged. There are five interesting features that many expect with Android 12, provided that Google does not delay their implementation.

Privacy indicators

Android has privacy indicators, similar to those that debuted on the iOS 14 platform. A set of colored icons and dots will indicate when and whether the application is using a microphone or camera, so the user can know when the software is potentially compromising privacy. It remains to be seen how Google will treat system-level access compared to external applications.


Privacy indicators Android 12


Better topics

We've known for some time that Android 12 will expand theme options. There aren't too many details, but it is expected that the new version of Android will enable theming over defined primary colors and accented colors, potentially with a larger number of pre-calculated examples. Also, the software should transfer that color data to external applications.

Better topics Android 12

Scrolling screenshots

Google has decided not to rely on what the company calls a "quick hack" that mimics scrolled fingers but has decided to create a Cadillac version that is compatible with all types of views and applications, without unexpected behavior and problems. This feature has been on hold for some time and many are hoping to debut in Android 12.

Scrolling screenshots Andrid 12

App Pairs

Android 12 is expected to support App Pairs. The function will treat two applications as one during multitasking. It is not known whether the applications will be able to run in pairs, but it is known that they will be able to be used together and treated as one functional unit.

Better RCS messages

This is one of the features that many are hoping for, but it could also be omitted from the next version of Android. Currently, RCS messaging applications practically use the interface directly with their services. There is no easy system API for RCS messages, but there is hope that this will not always be the case. There is no specific indication that Android 12 will be further expanded to external applications, but Google is making changes in this field.

Better RCS messages Android 12

Some other features could arrive on Android 12, including Android Runtime and some other features that Google could implement.

Source: AndroidPolice

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