New Samsung TVs could discard LCDs and use OLED screens as early as next year

New Samsung TVs OLED

According to Korea IT News, the world's largest TV manufacturer, Samsung could completely switch to OLED as early as next year.

The report suggests that Samsung Display will invest about $ 12 billion in the development and mass production of QD-OLED technology by 2025. Production will begin during 2021 with 65-inch or larger TV models.

The move will also mark the end of Samsung Display's production of LCD panels in full, and this was originally expected back in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic turned Samsung's oversupply of LCD screens into shortage as demand for TVs increased during the year.

There is no information on official models or the period of release of Samsung's new technology, but the latest report suggests the start of mass production of Samsung QD-OLED TVs later during 2021 and the start of sales in 2022.

Samsung is expected to start more modestly, with one QD-OLED TV model that will interest consumers, before the release of three TV variants during 2023 that fully showcase the possibilities of the technology.

Source: TechRadar

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