Monster Hunter Rise will concentrate more on the story than previous games in the series

Capcom’s formula for hunting huge monsters has peaked with the Monster Hunter World game, and the company wants to continue its evolution with the Monster Hunter Rise as well. These two games have very different styles and the next title in the series is more reminiscent of games that came out on portable consoles. 

Players may think that this is a return to the harcor of water and the times when you needed to read the bibles, to get acquainted with all the contents and possibilities in the game, but the demo that almost came out convinced us otherwise. 

The new game comes with a lot of minor improvements and seems a lot more affordable. Hilling in the game is much simpler and various creatures give long-term bonuses in every beast hunt.

In an interview with the gaming media, the creators explained that Rise is the beginning of a new era and that they focused on portability and the ability to play whenever you want. According to them, each new title brings a new concept. 

Although the Switch console is far more powerful than the 3DS and PSP the portable console again comes with its drawbacks and the studio claims that no new content has been removed from the game due to its limitations. 

Although it looks simpler than modern games, Monster Hunter Rise is fast and fluid and will probably be fun on stronger hardware, and it was announced that it will come for PC in early 2022. The graphics in the game are done in Japanese style, and we haven't seen that since Monster Hunter Portable 3rd which came out only for the Japanese market.

Your new base will be the village of Kimura which will be the center of interesting novelties and at the Nintendo Direct event, we could see a new type of mission called Rampages. Monsters in these missions come to your door and your task is to defend the village together with the inhabitants. 

The attack will be led by the apex of the monster that will be the strongest in the horde and with which you will fight at the end of the attack. Although the monsters are the main characters in this series, the character you lead will no longer be a hunter from unknown lands, but a resident of Kamura village who grew up there, who has personal roles in the story, connections, relationships, and the like. 

Residents have real names and most of them should know your character. A sense of community connects you to a location like this and makes you want to protect those you care about, which is a slightly different tone than the one we experienced in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter Rise is a mixture of a new intimate story and old traditions from previous games. The series returns to the portable console and you will again be able to play the Monster Hunter title on the go from March 26 on the Switch. The PC version has been confirmed and will appear sometime during 2022.

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