Record sales of a new Viking game

Valheim Game

A river of champagne is flowing in the five-member development studio Iron Gate these days. Their game Valheim entered the Early Access phase earlier this month (February 2). The enviable fate of the global attraction, which has befallen titles such as Fall Guys and Among Us, seems to be laughing at their debut as well. The authors boasted in yesterday's post on Steam that in just 13 days, this game was sold (for € 16.70) in as many as two million copies! As they ingeniously estimated, this is the most numerous population of Northerners since 1300, when their number was around half a million heads. Last weekend gave them another reason to brag - the servers detected 360 thousand players at one point.

This indie game of targeted reduced graphics is very similar in its mechanics to Conan Exiles. It is up to the chosen warrior to survive in the inhospitable gray Valheim (inspired by Helheim, hell in Viking mythology) by flirting with monsters and building a shelter for himself.

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