Samsung brings Quick Share to Windows 10

Samsung Quick Share to Windows 10

For fans of Galaxy phones and Windows 10 users who are always looking for better ways to integrate their phones and computers, the good news is coming. Samsung and Microsoft are reportedly preparing to release Quick Share for Windows 10.

Quick Share for mobile devices was released about a year ago when it debuted on the premium Galaxy S20 series. It's a great feature, similar to Apple AirDrop, and allows easy and direct file transfer between Galaxy devices via a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi network.

Samsung and Microsoft are now working to enable Quick Share on Windows 10. This will allow Galaxy phones and tablets to quickly share files between their mobile devices and Windows 10 PCs.

It is not known when the Windows 10 app could be released, but it is expected to be a significant shift for many Galaxy phone users who currently have limited ways to communicate with their computers. Your Phone and Link to Windows are a significant step forward in integrating the two ecosystems, but they are nowhere near as suitable for sharing files such as Apple AirDrop or Samsung Quick Share.

Source: PocketNow

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