The Intel Core i9-11900K benchmark result indicates a CPU that could compromise AMD

Intel Core i9-11900K benchmark

The Intel Core i9-11900K processor, a premium model that should soon be released as part of the next-generation Rocket Lake line, has been spotted on the online benchmark. The test shows that the CPU significantly outperforms AMD Ryzen chips in single-core performance, and it performs well in multi-core tests as well.

In the Geekbench result, Intel’s upcoming octa-core CPU is reportedly featured in its final specifications. It has a boost clock of 5.3GHz (with Thermal Velocity Boost) and a basic operating clock of 3.5GHz. When tested at Geekbench, the highest score achieved by the 11900K is 1095 and 10994 in tests with one or more cores. The tests were done on a Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Master board and with 32GB of 3600MHz RAM.

The aforementioned single-core score is the highest ever seen at Geekbench and is 13% better than the one achieved by the Ryzen 9 5950X. Of course, the results are much more in favor of the AMD processor when it comes to multi-core tests, where Ryzen is 27% faster. Of course, AMD’s CPU has 16 cores, while Rocket Lake has eight.

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Compared to its current octa-core rival, the Ryzen 5800X, Intel's chip is over 5% faster. Also, the 11900K outperforms the current Comet Lake premium model 10900K in the multi-core test, but only by less than 30 points. As expected, in the single-core test it is better by 35 percent.

Of course, caution is always needed when it comes to leaked benchmarking tests. Even in the case of verified results, only limited conclusions can be drawn, at least until the chips are compared in real work. Another important item, which will be important to many, is the consumption and heating levels of Rocket Lake chips. Also, there is the topic of price as always (although lately there have been positive indications from Intel).

Source: TechRadar

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