A well-known insider claims that as many as two new Half-Life games are in development

Half-Life games

After finally reviving the Half-Life series last year with the release of the VR game Half-Life: Alyx, Valve reportedly returned to work on this cult series. So at least claims Tyler McVicker, a gaming insider who is otherwise known for revealing a lot of information related to the Half-Life series.

Namely, according to the information available to McVicker, Valve is allegedly not working on one, but on two new Half-Life projects. One of these projects has the code name "Citadel" and rumors have been circulating about it for some time, while we have not heard anything about the other, also code-named "HXL".


McVicker argues that Citadel could be a multiplayer RTS title, in which players will control different units on a map that looks like a grid. Also, a kind of asymmetrical elements are mentioned, but any additional details stop there.

When it comes to HLX, McVicker says that the code name appeared as part of one of the newer upgrades for the Half-Life VR system, so it could be a kind of sequel to the VR hit Half-Life: Alyx.

And where is Half-Life 3 in that whole story? The answer to that question is really hard to give. Of course, we have to treat all the above information for now only as rumors, but given that McVicker has a fairly long line of accurate leaks behind him, we will not be surprised if the stated information turns out to be accurate in the end.

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