This Valheim mode arranges over two hundred textures

Walheim mode for textures

The Moders have arrived in the Valheim community and it is only a matter of what kind of new ideas, models, and details we will soon be able to incorporate into one of the currently most popular survival games on the market. One of these creators has rolled out the HD Texture Pack which renovates about 255 textures and will most likely appeal to all gamers unless you prefer pixelated visuals.

The texture package that "aC0C0NUT" moder worked on replaces textures for grass, trees, and many other green biomes. Certain weapons, armor, and even sailing boats have been refined. All custom textures are in 2k resolution, and you can download them on this site and read the detailed content of this package. If you are still wondering if you need this mode, take a look at the pictures below and see for yourself.

Valheim Texture mod Pic 1

Valheim Texture mod Pic 2

Valheim Texture mod Pic 3

Valheim Texture mod Pic 4

Valheim Texture mod Pic 5

Valheim Texture mod Pic 6


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