The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has the best camera in the DxOMark test

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra DxOMark test

The list of camera tests on the DxOMark site has a new champion. It is the latest Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, which surpassed the previous leading phone (Huawei Mate 40 Pro +) in terms of performance and results by four points.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra scored a total of 143 points in the test, which is 10 points higher than the transitional premium model of the Chinese company - Mi 10 Ultra.

The DxOMark team did all the tests but did not arrive to write a camera review before the release of the Mi 11 Ultra model. In any case, the results show that the Mi 11 Ultra outperforms Huawei's Mate 40 Pro + model overall.

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The phone has been awarded 148 points for photography, 100 points for zooming, and 117 for video. Compared to this, the Mate 40 Pro + scored 144, 98, and 115 points in the same categories.

The system on the back of the Mi 11 Ultra phone consists of three high-resolution cameras. There's a 50MP wide-angle main camera (1 / 1.12 "sensor, 1.4μm pixel size, f / 1.95 aperture) with support for OIS, laser focus, and night mode. There's also a 48MP ultra-wide-angle (128 ° FOV, f / 2.2 aperture) and 48MP telephoto camera with support for 5x optical, 10x hybrid, and 120x digital zoom.

All three phone lenses support 8K 24fps video, ensuring excellent image quality and accurate, dynamic display of light and shadow. The cameras stand out, especially when shooting at night and in low light, at least when it comes to what we could see during Xiaomi's presentation.

Source: DxOMark

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