A year and a half old CoD: Modern Warfare got new maps

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - new maps

With today's Season Reloaded update for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War / Warzone, Activision also remembered the owner of CoD: Modern Warfare. Although they had not announced this before, to the general surprise of the players in that year-and-a-half-old game, three new maps appeared.

The main of the three stars is Killhouse, a map that has its roots in the legendary Call of Duty 4 - of course, the eponymous name Modern Warfare. Killhouse was accompanied by a new playlist Killhouse24 / 7, and Al-Raab Airbase (6v6) and Drainage for gunfight skirmishes were added to the standard rotation.

It’s been four months since Activision left Modern Warfare and devoted itself to Cold War and Warzone, so today’s move may suggest to us that it’s not over for Modern Warfare yet. Today, you should also be able to re-download new, more optimized game packs, which should ultimately reduce the overall installation of Modern Warfare, ie the occupancy of the same on disk.

During the four-month drought, Modern Warfare only received skin packs, so the new maps are a real refreshment, although it’s weird that the new content arrived without any prior notice. An indication of Killhouse’s potential arrival was revealed back in February last year in Modern Warfare’s installation files, while fans are also wishing for the return of operative Soap MacTavish, which has already been discussed within the game itself. Will, it ever shows up, we’ll find out even harder given Activision’s mystery.

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