No Man’s Sky got a whole new mode to play: joint expeditions

No Man’s Sky new mode join expeditions

No Man’s Sky has gone from playing with the promised multiplayer through playing without multiplayer to a game with real MMO segments. Today's expansion, free like all previous ones, called Expeditions, also contributes to this.

Expeditions are a new way of playing No Man’s Sky, separate from standard mode (with a story). They are based on events in which all players have a fixed position in the universe from which they embark on an adventure, and the goal is to achieve various achievements (Milestone) in several stages. Achievements vary and bring exclusive rewards that players can trade on special Rendezvous planets.

Expeditions will appear in the game periodically and will be time-limited, and each should have some specific theme. Players will always move with a randomly assigned boat.

In addition to expeditions, update 3.3 brings a bunch of other novelties and improvements to the game. The in-game interface has been slightly refreshed and is now slightly smaller, new markers have been added, ship and equipment models have been improved, in-game discoveries are now shared across all platforms, the ping system, robot control, etc. have been improved.

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