AMD EPYC Genoa will have 96 cores, support for DDR5 memory and PCIe 5.0

AMD EPYC Genoa Processor

New details have emerged about AMD’s upcoming EPYC “Genoa” processor. Based on the Zen4 core architecture, the new processor architecture will run the EPYC 7004 series, offering up to 96 cores, up to 192 threads, support for 12-channel DDR5-5200 memory, and up to 160 PCIe 5.0 lines.

Information about AMD EPYC Genoa processors has been released by @ExecutableFix, along with a photo showing a mock-up of the incoming chip. The photo shows that the SP5 socket of the Genoa series processor (LGA6096) will be more square than the SP3 socket on earlier generations of EPYC processors.

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Another difference between Roma / Milan CPUs and the upcoming Genoa CPU is in the number of chips. The EPYC 7004 will have up to 12x chips (as opposed to the 8x used by the EPYC 7003 series). The maximum number of cores per chip is eight.

According to leaked information, the EPYC 7004 series will have a maximum TDP of 320W but will be able to be configured to support up to 400W.

The AMD EPYC Genoa 7004 series processors are expected to be released during 2022, will be based on the 5nm process, and will rival the Intel Sapphire Rapids processors also expected next year.

Source: KitGuru

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