News E3 2021 in Los Angeles canceled! Digital format is considered

News E3 2021 Canceled

To most, this does not come as a surprise, but the E3 2021 convention in "live" format will not take place due to the still current coronary virus pandemic.

The holiday for gamers, which was held every year in Los Angeles, broke the tradition of last year by postponing, where there was no digital replacement. Now the situation is quite similar, but the Los Angeles Tourism Board is still considering holding a virtual E3 event.

The digital E3 2021 would be much smaller in size, rumored to run from June 15-17, and on it, the big publishers would hold their presentations, streams and allow players to try out demo versions of upcoming games.

The year 2020 passed completely without the E3 convention, where most developers coped with their sporadic announcements or self-organized special events, such as Ubisoft, Sony, and Microsoft.
It is best for the organizers of the E3 convention not to give up on the digital version, as this would further damage a very popular brand that has been abandoning many sound names of the gaming industry for years due to some of its special events.

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