Microsoft will hold a special Xbox event in March, but without the Elden Ring

special Xbox event

Since Sony has already held its first Playstation launch for this year, it’s time for Microsoft to take a similar step related to the Xbox brand and next-generation consoles.

While events in digital format will most likely take place, fans should not look forward to it with high expectations. Many believed that a trailer for Elden Ring, a game about which practically nothing had been heard since the first announcement a couple of years ago, would be presented at this event, supposedly planned for March 23.

This will unfortunately not be the case, as the main in charge of marketing the Xbox brand, Aaron Greenberg, has revealed that this will not be the case shortly, and the same goes for other announcements of big games that are potentially expected.
The event will probably be filled with minor announcements or they will not be related to video games.

If you don’t want to lose hope, it’s not all that black for players expecting new Elden Ring details. Many reliable sources suggest that the trailer for Elden Ring is on its way outside the Microsoft event and that it will most likely have its premiere in the coming weeks.

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