Ancestors Legacy free version


Ancestors Legacy free version

The real-time strategy that included the people of the Slavs as a race, the Ancestors Legacy, appeared a few years ago, with fairly good reactions from critics, but in the long run, the success was not to be commended.

Now, on the third anniversary of its release, Studio 1C Entertainment has decided to provide a free version to players who can't afford the game.

Named the Peasant Edition, it brings players a slice of the experience from Ancestors Legacy in the form of 4 single-player missions and 17 multiplayer maps where multiplayer battles can be played. The focus is more on the multiplayer element, which is practically completely unlocked and allows you to play with all the factions.

This, so to speak, the demo is a good thing for players who haven’t had a chance to try out Ancestors Legacy so far, and will also bring back older players, as the multiplayer scene will revive with the start of the tournament in March.

Ancestors Legacy Free Peasant Edition can be found at this link.

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