Google Stadia exclusive Super Bomberman R Online is coming to PC soon

Super Bomberman R Online PC

Now it can be said with almost certainty that the Google Stadion service did not meet the expectations of both the user and the creator. This is reflected in the shutdown of development studies within Google, and several remaining problems mostly related to user fraud, which ended up in court.

To attract as large an audience as possible, the well-known tactic of exclusivity has been applied at the Stadia service, which is why several games have appeared that cannot be played anywhere else, except "over the clouds", so far.

One of the most popular exclusives on Google Stadium was Super Bomberman R Online, whose rating for the PC version was won by the regulatory body ESRB. Although this is not an official confirmation, every previous game that appeared on the official website of the ESRB soon received an announcement for a given platform.

Super Bomberman R Online is a multiplayer title in which you fight 64 players using various explosive weapons and gadgets to the last survivor. The problem at Stadia was that the game could not fulfill its potential in terms of the number of users, so we will see if the game will have more success with the arrival of the PC.

As for the Stadio service itself, Google will probably not give up but will try to achieve good results at a slower pace and with the purchase of ports and regain the trust of the audience. We'll see if he succeeds.

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