Apple may be preparing a 15-inch MacBook Air

15-inch MacBook Air

Earlier this year, information emerged that Apple may be working on a higher-end Macbook Air model. One of the features of the Macbook Air line is a more affordable price within the Apple ecosystem, but it seems that there are those who demand more power from this model as well.

According to Bloomberg, we could soon get just such an Air laptop. Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman claims that Apple is developing a larger 15-inch MacBook Air. Currently, the maximum size of the MacBook Air is 13 inches, so the larger model could have a more powerful processor and other elements in addition to the enlarged display.

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The report also suggests that Apple could redesign its MacBook Air, but it is not known what that specifically refers to. It is mentioned that the laptop will be thinner and lighter, with smaller frames around the screen.

There is no information on when the 15-inch MacBook Air will be released, but as the Apple M1 MacBook Air models were released in late 2020, it is possible that a new model is expected later this year or early 2022.

Source: Ubergizmo

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