Announced cooperative shooter located in the Alien universe

The fantastic Alien: Isolation has not yet received a well-deserved successor, but that is why the games from this franchise do not stop.

Behind the latest is the Cold Iron studio, which in collaboration with 20th Century Games Alien is transforming the formula into a cooperative third-person shooter. The game is called Aliens: Fireteam with an action set 23 years after the events from the original trilogy.

Players will take on the roles of Marines aboard the USS Endeavor with the task of fighting Xenomorph and other misfortunes lurking around the corner. There are over 20 species of monsters that will be encountered in various laboratories, ruins, and strange terrains.

Together with two other players, or AI teammates, you have a total of 5 classes at your disposal with different advantages, mutations, and progression through levels, which will contribute to gameplay refreshments during the game. At first glance, the game is very reminiscent of the Left 4 Dead series, except that instead of zombies, you have creepy aliens.

Aliens: Fireteam doesn't have a solid release date yet, but is scheduled to appear this summer for PC, Playstation, and Xbox systems.

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