Microsoft is testing streaming games at high resolution through the Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has named its gaming streaming service, related to the Xbox Game Pass, the xCloud project, which should offer and bring together users of the Xbox Live Gold version for consoles and the Xbox Games Pass for PC into one far cheaper subscription model. 

Also, you get access to cloud gaming, which allows you to stream various games from the Xbox console on Android phones. The company is preparing to expand the Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming to the Internet soon, at the same time bypassing the strange rules by which the iOS store operates, which means that PC users will be able to use xCloud for the first time.

Game streaming still comes with some limitations but Microsoft plans to upgrade Xbox cloud streaming servers this year and bring them closer to next-generation console technology as the Xbox Series X. Images have also begun circulating from various sources indicating that the company these days already tests network stability and resolution using certain games. 

So far, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, and other Xbox games you could play over the cloud, have been limited to 720p resolution. This resolution is slowly becoming obsolete, so with new upgrades, Microsoft will provide similar options that Google's basic Stadia service and other streaming gaming platforms offer.

When this new version of xCloud is paired with an Xbox Series X SSD, we should notice a solid improvement in cloud streaming on the Xbox Game Pass. The company can get a big advantage with xCloud especially since the Xbox Game Pass has a huge amount of content, and from the early days, it has been part of the Xbox console in some form.

 See below how Hellblade looks on the new version, which is being tested, compared to the current one.

micrsoft xCloud testing

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