Forever Entertainment will be working on several Remake editions from the Square Enix collection

Square Enix collection Remake

The studio will work for a while on the IPs of the Japanese Square Enix division, and last year they released Panzer Dragoon: Remake for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and Stadia. The original came out back in 1995 on the Sega Saturn console and was one of the more innovative but weirder games of that generation. 

While other titles liked to put you in control of airplanes, trucks, and other vehicles, at Panzer Dragoon you could fly with your kite, long before Deneris popularized it.

Forever Entertainment will develop several remakes based on one intellectual property owned by Square Enix Japan. The name of this game will be announced when the global marketing campaign starts. The remakes will of course come with better visuals, and the studio will try to keep the same gameplay from the original versions. 

The studio will receive half of the sales revenue from all platforms. It is known that developers are currently working on the Panzer Dragoon II Zwei. A remake, expected this year. Interestingly, they are also working on remakes of The House of the Dead games that belong to the genre of long-forgotten rail shooters, so it will be interesting to see if the developers decide to keep this style of play.

Square Enix Japan has a great collection of IPs from the most diverse gaming generations and we can only guess which of these legendary titles will be remaked. Maybe Legacy of Cain? Parasite Eve, Pandemonium, and Fear Effect are also studio-owned games. What remake would you like to play?

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