New details about the FF VII Remake DLC have come out

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Square Enix decided to answer some of the large number of questions that arose after the presentation of an additional chapter for his big hit Final Fantasy VII Remake. An episode dedicated to one of the main characters from the game, Yuffie, and her special chapter was presented last week. The trailer has made it clear that we will be able to play additional missions in Midgar with Yuffie, as well as that she will be accompanied by the new character Sonon, and now we have a little more detail about everything that awaits us.

Sonon, in fact, will not be a playable character, but he will be a support character with whom tag team attacks will be able to be performed for the first time in the game. Also, Yuffie’s main weapon will have a high range, Similar to the Barret, so this will allow for a variety of new strategies during combat.

As for the story itself and the amount of content in Yuffie, it will span two chapters. That doesn’t tell us much about how long the game will be, since in Remake some chapters are extremely short and some are quite long. But at least a few hours of new gameplay is to be expected. What we expected before, but it remains to be seen how big and long the new content is.

And obviously it is long enough to have a "secret" boss, ie. an additional boss who is not part of the main story. This is the already shown Weiss, the villain from the (un) popular Dirge of Cerberus game who was said not to be part of the main narrative of this additional episode. He is a boss in the VR arena.

The price of DLC is not yet known.

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