Electronic Arts has started testing Apex Legends for mobile

Apex Legends mobile

The famous gaming company announced a long time ago that it is working on a mobile version of the dynamic battle royal Apex Legends, but it calmed down fans all last year when they asked when the game officially arrives on mobile devices. EA remained worthy for most of the year, but then in November last year, Andrew Wilson revealed to us that we expect the game in fiscal 2022. As this year began, the story of EA began to change, and it seems that the company wants to release the first versions of the game because testing on their EA playtesting site started yesterday.

EA playtesting is a platform on which a company puts new games to gather the impressions and reactions of players, before releasing them globally. The official test will last only from March 3 to 5 and is only available to Android users from the US, Canada, UK, Sweden, Australia but there is an option for other countries so you can try to sign up and see if you qualify for testing. If you are curious, you still have time to register as a play store on the official website and choose the location that is closest to yours. It is important to know that all players must sign a non-disclosure agreement, which means that you will not be allowed to reveal pictures and other details about the mobile version of Apex Legends anywhere on the Internet.

Despite the inconsistent news, EA seems to be seriously trying to launch Apex Legends on mobile as early as this year. It is not yet known when the game will be available globally, but the announcement comes from EA that the game will be unlocked in certain regions in the middle of this year as part of the so-called "soft launch" process.

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