25 minutes of gameplay from the cooperative shooter Aliens: Fireteam

Aliens: Fireteam Gameplay

Recently, a new game was announced housed in the Alien franchise that brings cooperative terror to a group of players facing a horde of Xenomorphs.

Aliens: Fireteam is planned for this summer, and after the trailer, IGN brought about 25 minutes of gameplay, so that the players would know what to expect. The gameplay video further confirms that the developers of the Cold Iron Games studio drew a lot of inspiration from the Left4Dead series.

Players take on the role of colonial marines with the task of exploring stations full of aliens. The gameplay takes place from the third person, and sci-fi weapons and various accessories are available during the progress through the mission. The characters are divided into classes, as are the enemies themselves, with some completely new variations.

Aliens: Fireteam looks pretty interesting for now, and it remains to be seen if the game will keep up the pace over a longer period of play. That’s something we’ll only find out when Cold Iron announces the game.

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