Elite Dangerous: Odyssey alpha open to certain PC players

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey alpha


After a lot of delays and complications that follow not only the last expansion of this game, but
development of Elite Dangerous from the very beginning, from this week players, can finally experience the Odyssey expansion in the alpha phase.

Alpha is only available to special players who own the Lifetime Expansion Pass and those who have pre-ordered the Odyssey Deluxe Alpha Expansion. The alpha phase is the player's first contact with new ways and experiences of playing Elite Dangerous.

The new expansion of Frontier Development Studios will be tested over the next few weeks, gradually introducing players to new mechanics and systems in the game, which will slowly unlock. This progressive method will allow game developers to customize or make changes to the gameplay before the full PC version comes out this spring.

The creators promise heaps of new content in the new expansion and in the first phase all the commanders will be grouped into a single solar system to maximize player interaction. Aircraft will not be able to
be used but you will be able to travel using the new Apex Interstellar mechanics. The novelties are
present in first-person combat, the universe, which will stretch for about 50 light-years, and many
other segments of the game.

Anyone wishing to take part in a multi-week alpha test can pre-order the game and access the alpha phase on Steam, Epic Games, and Frontier Store digital stores. As already mentioned, a complete expansion is expected in late spring and PS4 and Xbox One players can expect it in the fall.

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