How important is the PSU (power supply) for a pc build

Corsair RM850x PSU

In addition to their basic purpose, power supplies also have the function of the first line of protection for your PC. Don't skimp on this component, as more expensive power may not make the PC faster, but it will certainly affect its reliability, efficiency, and ability to function with additional components.

A power supply is often an item that we simply forget when making calculations about the new PC build, although it is anything but a trifle when making a budget construction. What are the essential items around this category?

How important is Power Supply

Of course, power in watts is something we are guided by without further detail, but that is not always the best decision. With well-known brands, the label is usually very close to the real values, and with the best series, it is often even smaller. Therefore, don't think that the anonymous 600 W power supply is the same as the model from the Cooler Master. 

There are certain exceptions, but certainly, the 600 W mark on a $ 10-20 power supply is far from the truth. Therefore, our advice is that this should not be a component on which one relentlessly saves, but there is no need to exaggerate either. The middle and lower category of computer components is most economical, so even a little "quality" 450, 500 or 550 W is more than enough for the needs of most users. 

80 PLUS certificate 1

80 PLUS certificate

The 80 PLUS certificate is something you will come across with at least a few higher quality products and it can be said that thanks to it, even inexperienced users can be guided in some general sense. This certificate exists not only in its basic form but also as bronze, silver, gold, and platinum

This gradation means that the degree of utilization and efficiency is better in general, but do not overload yourself. Even the basic certificate guarantees that it is a solid power supply, which will work as it should in a less demanding configuration.

80 PLUS certificate 2

If you are a more advanced user who has more graphics cards, hard drives, SSDs, etc., pay attention to the type of ports and their number. In principle, you should have the appropriate number of connectors on the power supply without the need for additional adapters, because this facilitates cabling and there is less chance of creating a "crowd" in the case.

cooler master power supply

Also, if you want a well-arranged interior of the case, choose a partial or completely modular power supply. This way you will use the cables you need while leaving the rest in reserve if you need them. This gives you better airflow that won't be disrupted by a bunch of cables, and the cabling process itself will be far simpler when you don't have unwanted excess.

cooler master power supply v700

Although passively cooled power supplies are extremely expensive and incredibly poorly available this does not mean that it is impossible to make a very quiet PC build. For such users, there are hybrid power supplies that turn off their fan when they are loaded to a certain limit. Whether it is 30, 50 or 70% depends on the model and manufacturer, but in any case, they can be an ideal choice for lovers of silence. 

Most users do not load their PC to the maximum at long intervals, and while you are in the operating system environment, surfing, watching a movie, or using the Office package, the hybrid power supply will be completely silent, because its only active cooling element, the fan, will be completely turned off.

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