Isonzo was a shooter stationed in the Alps during the First World War

Isonzo Game

The First World War brings with it numerous stories about which little is known. These stories are mostly conflicts between bordering states and they have remained less noticeable to the great war stage of the world.

There are enough games that look to convey the brutality of trench warfare and the difficult conditions of the First World War as close as possible, especially those of the studio that created the games Verdun and Tannenberg. The latest game that will be based on the First World War is Isonzo, and it will tell the story of the two-year war between Italy and Austria-Hungary, which took place on the rocky terrain of the Alps and took half a million lives.

Insonzo will be based on historically true details, faithfully recreated rifles, uniforms, and environments, with trenches to be made within the game in collaboration with historians. All in all, a similar formula to the above-mentioned games, with a few key differences.

The game will provide new character animations, a completely new system of movement that is adapted to the rocky mountain terrain and which should provide a realistic depiction of movement on the same. The firing mechanics have also been adapted to suit the new type of movement, resulting in a more fluid interaction with the environment.

Isonzo will come out during this year when players can expect fights in a cinematic style with a dynamic battlefield.

More information can be found on the official Steam page, and the game is also coming out for Xbox and Playstation systems.

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