Ubisoft Play + and another surprise arrive at the Xbox Game Pass

Death Stranding Game

Phil Spencer is still in attack mode and grabs on all fronts and “sucks” into the Xbox Game Pass. According to many, a service that has no competition in the gaming world is likely to become even richer.

In addition to the already active EA Play segment and game database, the Xbox Game Pass will have Ubisoft Play + available (free of charge) and all games available from Ubisoft in its Ultimate model in the coming period. But that's not all! It is rumored wholesale (by trusted whisperer Jeff Grubba) that Death Stranding, the award-winning and popular child of Hides Kojima arrives in the Xbox Game Pass. This is somewhat more than strange, considering that it is a console exclusive for the Playstation platform.

Whether this will be just an add-on for the PC version of the Game Pass, we don’t know yet. Of course, for full confirmation, it is best to follow the official channels from Microsoft, which seems to explode a bomb every day, which delights gamers around the world.

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