Microsoft and From Software are reportedly preparing a new big Xbox exclusive

Xbox exclusive

It is common knowledge that Microsoft has bought a ton of third-party studios over the last two years and joined them to its Xbox Game Studios group. These development teams are working full steam ahead on the new Xbox exclusives, and as things stand, exclusively on the Xbox Series X / S consoles in the years ahead we will most likely play the studio title, whose occasional exclusivity was mostly reserved for Sony and its PlayStation consoles.

Of course, we are thinking of the authors of the popular SoulsBorne, From Software, which, in addition to the long-awaited Elden Ring, is reportedly working on a special SF RPG intended exclusively for the Xbox Series X / S.

Information about this mysterious project comes through Windows Central Gaming and for now, we can only consider it a rumor, but if it is accurate, it is great news for all Xbox players.

The source does not reveal any more specific details, except that the game is allegedly in the early pre-production phase, which means that we are still very far from its announcement, and thus even further from its release.

Regarding this possible leakage, neither Microsoft nor From Software have announced themselves so far, and considering the nature of the leakage, there is little chance that we will get any reaction from the mentioned parties at all.

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