Samsung could introduce three Exynos chipsets this year

Exynos chipsets

The Ice Universe announcer suggests that Samsung will introduce three Exynos chipsets this year - a model from the 800 series in the middle segment, 1200 series in the upper segment, and a premium 2200 series. The 1200 and 2200 series chipsets should have GPUs based on the AMD RDNA architecture.

According to earlier reports, Samsung will demonstrate the GPU in June, while the complete chipsets will be presented later. The first phones with AMD GPUs may not appear before next year, but for now, there is no official plan for their release.

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It is assumed that these Exynos / AMD chips will run phones, but Samsung is also working on a Windows 10 laptop. According to ZDNet Korea, the laptop with the Exynos 2200 chip will be introduced during the third quarter of this year. Previous Samsung Windows-on-ARM laptops used Qualcomm chips.

Source: GSMArena

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