The PS4 and PS5 versions of Call of Duty: Warzone received a high-resolution texture pack

Call of Duty: Warzone HD Pack


If you need higher quality graphics and textures in the Call of Duty: Warzone version for consoles, then you will be pleased to have a special package that brings high resolution to PS4 Pro, PS5 and Xbox Series consoles.

Warzone is considered one of the games that eat up free disk space, but to the surprise of many, this high-resolution texture pack only takes up 8.4 GB. The textures refer to in-game weapons and operators, while Activision recommends players use high-resolution displays for quality display.

Users report much sharper weapon and character models to Warzone after the package was downloaded, but it is not yet known whether the 4K resolution on the Playstation 5 console is native, or software booted from 1440p. The PS5 also doesn’t have the 120FPS mode announced and enjoyed by gamers on the new Xbox consoles. For something like this, Activision needs to create a native port, which will take place in the coming months.

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