See what the Apex Legends Switch version looks like

Nintendo Switch Apex Legends

Apex Legends is coming out for the Nintendo Switch console on March 9, and developer Respawn Entertainment has now released the latest trailer in the honor.

The trailer shows the appearance of the gameplay on the Switch console, which looks unchanged compared to the versions for other consoles, only with a lower resolution. What is not mentioned is the frame rate, but it is most likely that the Switch version will be locked at 30FPS.

The switch version comes with a crossplay option enabled, which means that the power can be compared to players on other consoles and PC, so this version will not differ and will get the same extras. As for other benefits, there’s a free legendary skin for Pathfinder, as well as the first 30 levels in Battle Pass for Season 8.

This is just one in a series of games that has been ported from a PC and console to a tiny Switch. Titles like Doom Eternal have been easily transferred to this portable console, so Apex Legends will probably be playable for those interested.

This will further contribute to the growth of the game's popularity, as a new record was set for us over the weekend in the number of simultaneously active players on the Steam platform.

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