THQ Nordic has opened a new studio to make work on Gothic Remake progress faster

THQ Nordic - Gothic Remake

The cult RPG game from the beginning of the millennium, Gothic, will soon return to the hearts of fans as a full-blooded Remake backed by THQ Nordic.

THQ appropriated Piranha Bytes in mid-2019, taking the Gothic brand under its wing. Work on the Gothic Remake began shortly after the acquisition, but there were not many official details. The year 2020 brought a lot of challenges for developers, which slowed down the development of the game.

THQ with the recently established studio Alkimia Interactive assures that the work on the game is now going in the right direction and that it is going full steam ahead. The studio located in Barcelona works exclusively on Gothic Remake, and was recently launched through job competitions, with 16 open positions.

Faster production means we will soon get more concrete news for Gohthic Remake, which THQ Nordic recently highlighted. We will get new details in the next few months.

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