Metro 2033 free on Steam over the weekend, with discounts on other Metro games

Metro 2033 Free

There is nothing better than when you enrich your library of games on Steam for "Free". This weekend, the opportunity for something like that is provided by the 4A Games studio, which enabled Metro 2033 to be downloaded completely free of charge.

It is an original version, not a Redux remaster, which can be downloaded until March 15, after which it will remain in your possession forever. The difference between the original and the remastered version is reflected in the content, while a good part of the fans of the series like the original more because of the darker atmosphere.

Other games from the Metro series have been reduced on Steam this weekend, and quite well. Metro 2033 Redux and Last Light are 80% cheaper, while the last part of the Metro Exodus trilogy is reduced by 66%.

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