Battlefield is expanding, Battlefield for mobile phones is coming

Battlefield for mobile phones is coming

There is no doubt that famous series from the world of video games can be successful on mobile platforms. The most played Call of Duty is statistically the one for mobile phones. Mobile Crash Bandicoot has so far been played by more players than the fourth part of the series on PC and consoles, and the game is not even available in all territories yet. Part of that crazy popularity and earnings is certainly wanted by the publishing house Electronic Arts, which has now confirmed that it will launch a game from its Battlefield series on mobile platforms.

Battlefield on mobile arrives in 2022. It will be a standalone game - unrelated to Battlefield that will appear on PCs and consoles in late 2021. The game is said to be specifically designed for the mobile platform, but to convey the core principles of the Battlefield series - a multiplayer experience that is based on playing skill.

Mobile Battlefield is currently being developed by the Industrial Toys team, and the DICE studio is overseeing the whole thing. The game comes as a product of years of searching for a format that would suit Battlefield on mobile platforms.

Electronic Arts seem to have learned from Activision Blizzard from the case of Diablo Immortal (don't you have cell phones?) And Diablo 4, so the introduction of new games from the Battlefield series will go in reverse order - Battlefield for PC and consoles will be introduced first (new and old) and then Battlefield for cell phones.

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