PlayStation Now starts streaming games in 1080p quality

PlayStation Now starts streaming games in 1080p quality

The streaming service for PS3 and PS4 games - PlayStation Now - will finally get a technical upgrade this week and will allow you to play games in 1080p resolution. So far, streaming has been limited to 720p image quality on all supported devices - PS4 and PS5 consoles, PS Viti, PC, and mobile phones.

Switching to 1080p resolution will happen gradually over the next few weeks. Of course, streaming in 1080p will be possible for certain games - those that run in that resolution. Games for the PlayStation 4 will seamlessly stream in 1080p, but most games for the PlayStation 3 run at lower resolutions so they won’t benefit from it. For example, Red Dead Redemption for the PS3 runs at a much lower resolution (640p).

Those who use PlayStation Now on a PC will benefit the most from this because unlike the owners of the PlayStation console, they do not have the option to download the game to disk to see the game in higher quality.

By increasing streaming quality, PlayStation Now will catch up with other streaming platforms such as Nvidia’s GeForce Now and Google Stadium, which already have support for 1080p and above. Microsoft's Project xCloud is also limited to streaming games in 720p resolution, but 1080p options are currently being tested as the service will soon be available on the PC platform as well.

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