The trophy list for the Valhalla DLC reveals a great deal about what awaits us

Valhalla DLC Druid

Trophies were lifted today for the upcoming DLC Assassin’s Creed Valhalle - Wrath of the Druids. The DLC store is located in Ireland, Ubisoft takes us to a whole new map, and the emphasis is on Viking collaboration with the islanders.

DLC Trophy Pack 1

As you can see in the picture, the main trophy does not differ far from the main campaign trophy - it is necessary to make 100% in all territories in Ireland. Great for knowing that the map will be bigger, not lazy and unimaginative.

The All Roads Lead to Dublin trophy will be similar to where we have to fully upgrade our Raventshorpe settlement. The trophies also reveal at least one new mythical creature - a huge snake and a sickle as a new weapon that needs to be equipped in both hands for the trophy.

The King’s Maker trophy represents a similar function in DLC as Reda has in the main campaign. You can buy quality weapons and equipment at Reda, but to make money you have to do specific missions. Since the emphasis of this DLC is precisely on working with locals and doing business for them, this will be one of the key features of the DLC.

The last thing we have left is to completely find the Dublin Champion armor set, and in what way - we have yet to see. We should have already played Wrath of the Druids, but it was postponed to May 16 at the last minute.

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